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Dr. Shiver ft. Jmi Sissoko – Brave Love (Official Video)

The voice from the ghetto to the best tunes, with over one hundred collaborations and guest appearances alongside the biggest names in the French rap scene and HipHop such as: ROHFF THE FOUINE, KERY JAMES, SINIK, 113, MEDINE, BOB Sinclar, OXMO PUCCINO, KOOL SHEN, SEXION ASSAULT, ADMIRAL T, DJ MIKE ONE PASSI, CERRONE, ANGGUN, MELISSA M, ASSASSIN, EXPRESSION DIRECT, ELEPHANT MAN, ISHTAR ALABINA, The SKADRILLE, DJ CUT KILLER & DJ ABDEL, Neg’Marrons, DJ R-WAN, DJ KOST & DJ Goldfinger, K-REEN, 3RD EYE, DADDY MORY to name a few.

He finally arrives with his long awaited album which first single “Number One” already sounds in the best clubs.


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