Starz Angels started out in 2004 with what was at that time a new concept: combining Electro House rhythms and Hip Hop vocals and dubbing it The Electro H Cube (Electro H3).

The duo consists of DJ K-ees known for his background in the French Hip Hop scene, having produced albums for some of France’s A-list musicians; and DJ Kid having grown to be one of the most known House deejays in the Parisian nightlife scene. Their debut was at the Paris Techno Parade in front of a crowd of several hundred thousand people.

Their popularity as remixers and fantastic live performers grew steadily from that point onwards and brought them to some of the best and biggest parties in the world as headliners. The two performed together in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Marbella, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Canton, Thailand, Singapore, Qatar, Switzerland and Tunisia, just to name a few; and along the way they were picked up by major international brands as their representatives.

An important part of their growth in popularity is also owed to their Electro H3 remix album series, totaling four thus far and having been downloaded more than 100,000 times. The albums are both remixes and mash-ups of some of the most popular songs within hip hop and house music and are fused together into a new more energetic sound.



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