Born in Milan, Italy in 1982 first son of a Sicilian painter (ex-musician), L. started his relationship with music breathing in his father’s collection of Motown and Blue Note records, and at the age of 8 he joined the local church choir. Though his musical sensitivity was already proven, the interest for visual arts was more recognized, so he studied Fine Arts to develop his impressive skills as a young painter and sculptor. “Music was more like a private passion. Singing was a pure device to express my instinctive feelings. Fine Arts were for me the natural way to interpret and share concepts of the philosophies that I was beginning to explore”. It was after moving to London at the age of 19, that music took his spirit completely and became the absolute priority. Luca’s decision was to concentrate all artistic energy, improving his gift by learning to play Piano, Guitar, Bass and Trumpet. His initial recordings attracted offers from Major Record Labels, with the intention to make him a Pop/R&B Act. Inevitably the profound artistic integrity he possesses made him refuse those offers. Later he signed a short deal with an Independent Label who got him on a successful compilation that peeked at number one on the charts. An intense musical research extended his performances to New York City, where he began to work on his first album “On Different Moods”, composed, written, produced and performed by himself. It was released in 2009 by “Groove Erotic”, an independent label based in the UK. After joining several groups like the “Harlem Gospel Choir” (Harlem Messengers), the “Conjectures Jazz Quartet”, “The Thrust”, and “Funky Mutiny“, he performed at various music festivals and events throughout the years. His artistry has also led him to tour around the world as a featured performer to cities including, Paris, Moscow, Marrakech, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Zurich, London, New York and Bangkok. As of late Luca has been gravitating between Milan, London and Paris, performing live, working on his studio projects, and writing/producing tracks for other artists. If you listen intimately to his songs, their message merges and flows with the emotions provoked. He explains: “I paint lyrics with sounds to amplify the meaning”.



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