Federico Clapis (born 4 April 1987, Milan) is an Italian painter, writer and performer.

He became famous in his country thanks to a unique strategy to promote his paintings.
For five years he worked “undercover”, producing viral video comedies, accumulating millions of fans and views.

In september 2015, at the peak of his success, after writing and starring in a movie film, he announced his retirement from the entertainment world and transformed his online presence into a powerful instrument to propagate and promote his canvas art works that had previously been hidden.

He revealed his true nature and the digital public responded with even greater favor, making him one of the most influential artists on social networks to date.

“Actor on Canvas” is the name of his latest series, in which his accumulation techniques harness the most advanced 3D scanning and printing technologies, allowing him to represent himself in 360 degrees within his own paintings and become the interpreter of those characteristically poetic, minimal images.



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