Finally, to all of you, the American people: your firmness in supporting our insistence on peace with honor has allowed peace with honor. I know that you would not have jeopardized that peace. With our secret negotiations in the delicate phase they have had lately, I could have spoken publicly about the fact that our efforts for peace would not only have violated our understanding of northern Vietnam, but would also have seriously damaged and perhaps destroyed the chances of peace. So I know you can understand why I have not made public statements about these efforts in recent weeks. Negotiations that led to the agreement began in 1968 after several long delays. As a result of the agreement, the International Monitoring Commission (ICC) was replaced by the International Monitoring Commission (ICCS) to comply with the agreement. The main negotiators of the agreement were Henry Kissinger, U.S. national security adviser, and Lé C Théc, a member of the North Vietnamese political bureau. Both men were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for their efforts, although he refused to accept it. First of all, to the people and government of South Vietnam: through your courage, through your sacrifices, you have earned the precious right to determine your own future, and you have developed the strength to defend that right. We look forward to working with you in the future, friends in peace, since we were allies in the war. At the time of the peace agreement, the United States agreed to replace the equipment in succession.

But the United States has not given its word. Is the word of an American reliable these days? The United States has not kept its promise to help us fight for freedom, and in the same struggle the United States has lost 50,000 of its young men. [20] There has never been a moment of peace in Vietnam. After the return of American prisoners of war, the Paris Agreements from north or south Vietnam were inconsistent. U.S. troops left Vietnam sixty days after the signing of the Paris Agreement, but the level of violence had not decreased significantly. Watergate was on the verge of destroying the Nixon presidency, and a new anti-war congress had little interest in continued economic support from the South. Faced with the funding of an additional $722 million to prevent the collapse of South Vietnam, Congress refused to act.

For many Americans, the last image of Vietnam was that of Ambassador Graham Martin, who carried an American flag folded during the final evacuation. This bitter consequence led the Americans to seek explanations of what had gone wrong and who was responsible for the failure. The ceasefire came into effect on 27 January 1973 at 2400 greenwich Mean Time.


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